Police Smash Car Window To Save Baby, Turns Out To Be A Doll

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‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello, what’s gone on here then?

Police in the West Midlands were left feeling pretty daft after they smashed a car window in order to free an infant that turned out to be a toy.


The lifelike doll was left unattended inside a car parked in Russells Hall Hospital car park, Dudley.

A passerby initially noticed the plastic tot and called police out of concern for its well-being.

Two officers showed up to assess the situation, and after a discussion with nurses it was agreed that a human life was in danger.

That is where it all became rather awkward. Having smashed the Vauxhall Corsa’s window it quickly became apparent that what they had was a doll. They returned the toy to the backseat with a note instructing the owner to contact them.


Delesia Rattray who owns the car has offered the police some sympathy.

She said:

The doll does look a bit real, like a baby a few months old, but if you look at the hands, which weren’t inside the blanket, and feet you can tell it isn’t.

I can understand why they broke into the car if they really thought there was a baby inside.”

And the actions have been defended by Chief Inspector Phil Dolby of West Midlands Police, who said:

I apologise to the owner of the car, who knows the reasons why my officers took the action they did.

She will hopefully agree that had it have been a baby in distress and had they not acted, they would be subject of this media scrutiny for all the wrong reasons.”

They have a point, and the £90 repair will be funded by the police, so all’s well that ends well I guess.

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    Police smash a car window causing £90 damage to rescue a baby left alone inside – only to find it was a DOLL