Police Warn Killer Clowns Are Back Ahead Of New IT Film

by : UNILAD on : 03 Sep 2017 16:53
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Just when you get over your childhood nightmares of killer clowns, reality gives you a great big scary bite in the backside with police warning you of the real thing…

‘Killer clowns’ are scarily making a comeback and now police have issued a warning saying they are anticipating sightings of the creepy things over the next few months.

Last year, several incidents were reported in the UK as well as in America.


With the film IT set to grace our cinema screens shortly and Halloween coming afterwards, I dread to think how many clowns we’re all going to see.

Seems the Pennsylvania State Police department are thinking the same way as me!

They issued a community awareness bulletin saying:

It is anticipated ‘creepy clown’ sightings could be reported starting as soon as September, in part due to the fact that the movie IT will be released in theatres.


Advice from police in the UK about what to do if you encounter a clown is to remain calm and call the authorities.

Speaking last year, assistant chief constable of Greater Manchester Police, Catherine Hankinson said:

The safety of people is our upmost priority – we want people to feel safe going about their daily lives.

It’s important to stress that no-one has been physically harmed and I want to reassure people that we take reports of this nature extremely seriously.


Well guys, just keep your wits about you… and stay away from drains should your paper boat float down one!


Pennsylvania State Police
  1. Pennsylvania State Police

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