Policeman Gives Incredible Rendition Of National Anthem After Singer Gets Stuck In Snowstorm

by : UNILAD on : 17 Jan 2016 15:45

When a singer was unable to make it to a U.S. college basketball game, there was one guy on hand to save the day.


With original performer Leslie Dorchester stuck in traffic due to the snowstorm in West Virginia, police officer Carlton Smith stepped up on just five minutes notice and gave an incredible rendition of the Star Spangled Banner in her absence.

And he absolutely nailed it, as this awesome video of the moment posted on Live Leak shows.

To be fair, Officer Smith is no regular policeman – he previously appeared on American Idol.


And he absolutely dazzled the crowd ahead of the game between West Virginia University and the University of Kansas, delivering a note perfect performance, much to the delight of everyone in attendance.

Speaking to Inside Edition after the performance, Smith said:

Any chance I get to do the national anthem is always a big deal to me. I was just basically hoping I didn’t mess it up too much.

So, not only does this guy react well under pressure, he’s modest too. What a man!

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    Cop gives incredible impromptu performance of Star-Spangled Banner after scheduled singer gets stuck in traffic