Policeman Pulls Over Driver For Talking On Phone, Saves Her Life

by : UNILAD on : 18 Jul 2015 11:57

When a police officer pulled over a driver because she was using her mobile phone, he thought it was just a regular traffic stop. He had no idea that his intervention would save a woman’s life.


Dustin Clinkscales stopped the woman in Austin, Texas on July 5 when he spotted her using her phone in violation of state law.

However, when he approached her car after she stopped, he suddenly realised she was choking on a chicken biscuit.

And dash-cam footage of the dramatic moment shows how Clinkscales’ quick thinking saved the woman’s life.


The woman fainted after the officer performed the Heimlich manoeuvre and helped dislodge the food from her throat.

She was reportedly using her phone to dial 911, but couldn’t speak because she was choking. After Clinkscales’ intervention, she was quickly transported to a nearby hospital.

Austin police commander Michael Eveleth said:

The first thing she said, she pointed to Officer Clinkscales and said, ‘That officer saved my life.’

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    Cop pulls over woman for talking on the phone, saves her life