Politics Intern Reveals Weird And Gross Stuff That Happens In Westminster


A former MP’s intern has revealed what life inside Parliament is really like – dining on steak every day, getting covered in urine, and how ‘creepy’ Tories seem to love hiring attractive blonde staff, just your average day in the office, really.

Dominic, 21, spent three months working as a Labour intern in Westminster.

He told student newspaper The Tab:

Tory MPs absolutely love hiring young, attractive blonde women to work in their office at all levels. They were literally everywhere and I found it a little creepy.

And according to Dominic, when they’re not spending time with their blonde interns, the Tories were usually in the highly subsidised restaurants with high-profile lobbyists, although he added: “It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s insightful seeing who is hanging out in Parliament.”


But his most shocking moment in Westminster came when his entire office had to take the day off when the urinals beside George Galloway’s office started leaking onto their desks.

Dominic said:

The Houses of Parliament may look grand, but the offices are not. We had to take an afternoon off work when the ceiling broke through and a tidal wave of MPs’ piss poured all over our desks.

The politics graduate was only paid £20 expenses each day – £10 for travel, £10 for lunch – which left him totally out of pocket for rent and living expenses for the three months he was there.

Dominic said it wasn’t an issue because he already lived in London, but seeing as “Labour are against unpaid internships, it’s a shame that it isn’t more”.

He added:

It didn’t pay my rent but it was more about the experience and helped me get a full time job now. The CV boost has been amazing.


One thing that Dominic noticed was that Labour and Conservative MPs are actually a lot friendlier than they pretend to be in the House of Commons, he said: “It’s refreshing to see they can sit and chat, in my opinion it’s a better way of doing politics.”

Steak dinners every day, but George Galloway’s piss leaking on your desk… It’s a tough one.