Poll Finds Donald Trump Less Popular Than Lice And Nickelback


A new poll has found that Donald Trump is less popular with the American public than head lice and Nickelback.

The survey by Public Policy Polling asked people to compare their opinion of Trump to other commonly disliked things.

And, given his historic unpopularity (he has a 61 per cent average unfavourable rating, according to the study), it’s not hard to see why people preferred some of life’s worst banes over Trump.

This is what people favoured over Trump:

Head lice

Pediculus humanus capitisWikipedia

According to the survey, Donald Trump is viewed less favourably than head lice. Apparently, 54 per cent of us would rather endure an itchy head than the thought of Trump.

Root canals


People have a higher opinion of root canals than they do Donald Trump. He lost 49 per cent to 38 per cent.



We all hate the DMV, and 50 per cent of us think more highly of it than Donald Trump.

Used Car Salesmen


The study showed that 47 per cent of people surveyed preferred used car salesmen to Trump.



Donald lost 39 to 34 per cent when it came to thinking more highly of Nickelback. That says a lot considering pretty much no one likes the critically unloved Canadian rock band.

Traffic Jams


We all hate traffic jams. But apparently 47 per cent of us would rather endure hours of bumper to bumper rush hour traffic over the thought of Donald Trump.

But, while it’s pretty obvious that pretty much no one likes the television-personality-turned-politician, there were a few of life’s banes that he did manage to score higher than.

Apparently, Trump won out against hemorrhoids (voters had a less favorable opinion of swollen anal veins than they did of Trump’s ego at 45 to 39 per cent) and were less bugged by cockroaches (42 to 46 per cent) than they were by the Republican, The Independent reports.

So, while some of us were seriously worrying that Trump could actually become president, the poll’s results make it pretty clear that his never-ending stream of hatred for Muslims, Latinos, and women (and countless other groups) could finally be backfiring.