Poo Police – This Bloke Secretly Films Dog Owners That Don’t Pick Up After Their Pooch



It’s annoying when people don’t pick up after their dog, so now this fella is on a crusade to make sure that no poop is left unscooped.

43 year old Andrew Hawes had enough of people leaving dog shit everywhere, and decided to do something about it.

Like wearing camoflague and hiding in a bush, filming people.


The Suffolk superhero(ish) takes videos of people not picking up their dogs poo to the police.

It’s a little bit weird, but he does have a point. Stepping in dog shit is horrible. Lot’s of people agree, too, as almost 700 people are currently members of his ‘Leiston Dog Mess Name and Shame‘ Facebook group.

He says:

We spent weeks cleaning up the neighbourhood and removed bucketloads of dog poo.

Within seven days it was all back again and we thought, “enough is enough”.

We want to raise awareness and make people think twice about what they’re doing. It’s not nice for families with kids.

The police say it is not illegal for me to do this – it’s just like having a CCTV camera – and they will look at any evidence I give them and may issue an £80 fine.


My camouflage is so good, they won’t see me. I’m very discreet.

If they pick it up, there’s no problem. There’s no excuse for it.

People might think it’s a bit strange but all my family and friends think it’s great.

They aren’t the only people that think it’s great. It turns out that Hugh Grant is a big fan, after tweeting calling him ‘My hero’.


He may be a tad eccentric, but I admire his standing on the situation.


Then put it in the bin, not tie it to a tree… What the fuck is that all about?!