Poor Drunk Guy Gets Brutally Knocked Out In A Bathroom By Himself

by : UNILAD on : 07 Sep 2015 22:19

A new viral video shows the very real dangers of being completely legless after one too many drinks and attempting to go to the bathroom.


This one lad was so completely intoxicated that he could barely stand and one not-so-concerned onlooker decided to film his rather futile efforts to go to the toilet.

The video, filmed in Germany, shows this extremely inebriated chap staggering around the public bathroom and just about managing to keep his balance and stay on his feet.


Sadly, the whole thing ends extremely dramatically. Just when you think this guy is going to make it out of the bathroom unscathed, he slips backwards and smacks his head hard on a radiator.


Not only does the impact of his skull against the metal radiator and the hard tile floor make a heck of a loud noise, it also renders him completely unconscious. That’s some old school drunk-on-drunk crime, right there!

We really hope this guy was okay because, let’s face it, whoever was filming this video didn’t seem in a huge hurry to help him.

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    Drunk Dude Gets BRUTALLY Knocked Out In The Bathroom By Himself