Pop Star Terrified After ‘Black-Eyed Ghost Child’ Appears In Selfie


A pop star has left completely freaked out after fans spotted something eerie lurking in the bushes in one of her Instagram videos.

MeLo Lv hadn’t noticed at the time, that an apparent image of a creepy face had appeared behind her while she was filming in a pool with her friend in Vancouver.

But eagle-eyed fans had seen it appear, and they made sure to let her know of the paranormal activity…

When there are cute girls in the pool with drinks ????but your friends are late ? @joaulait

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Aaron.lewiss questioned, ‘So many cute girls but seriously what is that ghost thing in the background?’

mozelle_sturgis also commented, ‘Damnnn.. pause the video and you guys will see a ghost in the background.’

And jane_snyder_ added, ‘wtf i see that thing ??????!!!’


MeLo later posted: 

This is actually quite scary. I didn’t even know anything about it at the time.

I had to revisit the video several times before I saw that thing. It is very strange how it is there one minute and then gone the next.

Creepy face or something completely legit, what do you think?

Somebody call Derek Acorah!