Pop Up Restaurant Staffed By Nuns Called NUNdos Coming To London


A pop-up restaurant called NUNdos, run by nuns, is opening in London – specifically, you guessed it, in Shoreditch.

Who’d have thought it, hey? The chances of it being held anywhere else in London were slim and nun.

It’s all part of a promotion by Channel 5 for their new series Bad Habits: Holy Orders, a reality show which sees party girls sent off to live in a convent.

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The show will follow five young women who will swap their modern lives of parties, selfies, social media and boys, for a month spent working at a convent in East Anglia.

NUNdos will open from October 17-19 at White Rabbit, Dereham Place – just off Shoreditch High Street – and will be staffed by members of the Daughters of Divine Charity.

The nuns will provide Mother Superior’s Chicken Broth or Wholesome Lentil Soup and what’s more, it’s being served up for free, and you’ll be able to have a good old chat with the sisters while you’re there.


Diners will be encouraged to put away their mobile phones and engage in discussions about modern life with the sisters and other people eating in NUNdos.

Fancy popping down? Opening hours are Tuesday October 17 from 11.30am to 8pm and Wednesday and Thursday 11.30am to 3pm – alternatively, you can register your interest by emailing [email protected]

Sounds nice and everything but if it’s not your thing and you’re more of a Nandos type, you might be interested to know the ‘cheeky’ spicy chicken chain has a ‘secret menu’.

You can order ‘off-menu’ speciality items, but you need to know these simple hacks.

Photographs of a range of off-menu dishes have been doing the rounds online and it’s all very exciting.

Fancy a garlic bread bun with your chicken burger, or want to try the legendary Nandos burrito? All you have to do is get creative and put your mind to it.

Nando's Skank With Ed Sheeran & Example

Ed Sheeran & Example freestyling about chicken will make your entire week ?

Posted by UNILAD Sound on Tuesday, 28 February 2017

If you can’t be bothered doing that, here are some we’ve found online:

The Nando’s burrito: 

You basically order any meal and make it into a burrito by asking for it in a wrap with a side of rice. When your wrap arrives at your table, simply stuff the rice inside and you’ve got yourself a pretty tasty burrito right there.

The garlic bread bun:

Why have we not thought of this before? The garlic bread bun is simply created by ordering a side of garlic bread with your meal and sandwiching the burger in between the slices, replacing your normal bun.

*Grabs coat to run over to Nandos immediately*

And, as somebody has pointed out online, you add a dash of PERi-PERi to transform it into what is being called a Garinaise burger.

Cheesy mash:

This is super easy, get yourself a slice of cheese, put it on the side of mash, let it melt in and voila!

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Cheesy garlic bread:

Same as before but with garlic bread, and this has probably been done many times before, so it’s not really a secret as such.

Get a slice of cheese and place on top of the side of garlic bread, let it melt, and enjoy cheesy, garlicy goodness.

Yes. Please!