Popular Battlefield 5 Theory Confirmed To Be A Fake



Rumours are bloody everywhere in the world of videogames. Especially in the lead up to E3, you can’t move for unconfirmed reports rising and falling on a daily basis. Now, one popular Battlefield 5 theory has been debunked.

This particular rumour originated on Reddit. It went that Battlefield 5 was set during World War II, and would be subtitled Eastern Front. Awesome news for anyone desperately after a cool new WWII shooter, but alas – it seems it was not to be.

In a new video, The Lanky Soldier / Honest Battlefield Supporter came forward to confirm that he had faked the poster, and even showed us how easy it was to do so. I think he’s taught us all a valuable lesson about not taking things at face value.

On an unrelated note, I just saw a picture on Reddit for Battlefield 5: Super Space Wars, and it looks awesome.

Battlefield 5 is set to be officially unveiled on May 6. The rumours that it’s set during World War I or II do persist though. It’d certainly help to set them apart from their main rivals, Call of Duty, who just announced their next game set in space.