Portal Vs Half-Life In Amazing Live Action Fan Video


Cake’s pretty good, and it seems that Gordan Freeman of Half-Life is prepared to kill Chell from Portal just to grab a slice. At least, that’s what happens in AndrewMFilms live action short.

I’m not gonna say too much more on it,  just watch the video below and enjoy. Clearly, a ton of work went into it. watching the Portal Gun get Chell out of a number of scrapes is endlessly enjoyable to watch, and reminds me why Portal is such a great game.

10/10 to all the cool little details too, such as Gordan stopping to whack some crates open.

This isn’t AndrewMFilms first foray into the world of live action videogame showdowns – far from it. He’s also given us Mario vs Minecraftand one incredible video where Princess Zelda beats the shit out of Princess Peach, because she threw a Goomba at her.