‘Possessed’ Doll Talks And Winks Even After Batteries Have Been Removed


If you’re of a certain age and watched Child’s Play when you were younger, I guarantee that ever since that film, dolls freak you out a bit.

I’m not ashamed to admit that it took me a long time to get over that film. Well now, it looks like the stuff of my childhood nightmares have crept into reality.

A Chucky-style doll has been discovered that is believed to be possessed by some sort of spirit – I s**t you not!


The spooky discovery was uncovered in South-Eastern Peru and according to reports, the doll in question was filmed talking and moving despite having its batteries taken out!

The freaky footage has since gone viral but be warned – it is creepy AF.


The blonde doll in question is seen in one clip moving its head as a man talks to her before she turns towards him and winks.

In another, one local picks up the doll up and is startled when it talks, saying ‘thank you’.

The doll can then be seen slowly turning its head to one side as the shocked individual holding it opens the battery pack and realises it is empty.


Phrases continue to pour out of the doll, with comments such as, ‘I’ll bring you your happiness’ and ‘Where am I?’.

Loads of people who have seen the video genuinely appear to believe the doll is possessed by some sort of spirit, but there are a lot who think locals have been duped by pranksters.

Take a look for yourself and make your own judgement…

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Nope – I’m done!