Possible DLC Locations Uncovered In The Division


There are some videogame explorers who just aren’t content with the boundaries and rules set for them in the game world. These mavericks often see how far they can push a game, and every now and again their tampering will result in the discovery of something wonderful.

In this instance, we have a player who might just have found some future DLC locations for The Division. After glitching through various walls and barriers YouTuber Chaz found he was able to explore sectioned off areas of the The Division’s Manhattan – including Central Park.

This obviously isn’t definitive confirmation of any kind, but laying down the foundations for DLC locations is pretty common practice – especially in open world titles, and considering The Division takes place in New York, I’d be pretty surprised if we didn’t get to explore a location as iconic as Central Park at some point.

If you wanna know how to do it too, simply watch the video below for a peek at these cheeky inaccessible areas.

There are vast stretches of underdeveloped areas, and plenty of bugs too, as you might imagine. If this doesn’t turn out to be the site of some kind of future DLC, it is possible that Ubisoft planned on including these areas at one point and then decided to leave it – or maybe they’re just fucking with us.