Possibly The Drunkest Man Of All Time Wheeled Out Of Hotel

by : UNILAD on : 07 Sep 2015 16:28

One man had to be wheeled out of a hotel by police after allegedly being too drunk to walk.


The man, staying at a hotel in the Philippines, caused chaos in the hotel and staff had to call police as guests looked on horrified.

Said man was in his underwear and seemed to be (was) highly intoxicated, and due to his size, had to be wheeled out of the hotel – being too big for police to lift and carry.


The man was seen causing a huge commotion, throwing dishes and ranting loudly as the police arrived to arrest him.


The noise attracted one former news camera man, Ian Maclean, who managed to get his camera and film the shocking incident, which in today’s society, is the go-thing thing.


Mr Maclean claimed:

While we were in the room I heard a loud commotion – yelling, banging, dishes being smashed.

I grabbed my video camera and ran down the hallway to investigate. I found a very large drunk guy in underwear, with local police trying to subdue him.

He was wild and completely out of control, threatening the police. They called for back-up and struggled to get handcuffs on him because his wrists were so large.

Because of his massive size, they had to figure out how to get him from the third floor down to the lobby.

The cops finally got him into a luggage cart and into the elevator. He wouldn’t fit in the police van so they called for a larger ambulance, strapped him in and off he went to the hospital.


Quite if it’s okay for a man to be filmed and then shamed when clearly distressed remains to be seen, but considering the footage has now found its way into the mainstream media, the story isn’t going away anytime soon.

The man was eventually loaded into the back of an ambulance, because he was too big to fit into a police car. I’m assuming the headache the next morning was monumental.


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