Poster For Netflix Horror ‘The Babysitter’ Has An Epic Photoshop Fail


Netflix has had a total Photoshop nightmare in a poster for upcoming ‘American teen horror-comedy film’, The Babysitter.

While it’s far from uncommon to see Photoshop fails in movie posters, this one is actually quite difficult to spot at first glance.

However, it was spotted by a Reddit user, ‘moofthestoof’ and has had more than 14,000 ‘upvotes’ and 500 comments.

Regrdless of the fail, you can check out the trailer below:

[ooyala code=”NsaTQ0ZDE6ReYxYUt7n04CIC0xNqp0B2″ player_id=”5df2ff5a35d24237905833bd032cd5d8″ auto=”true” width=”1280″ height=”720″ pcode=”twa2oyOnjiGwU8-cvdRQbrVTiR2l”]

Here’s the poster:


Can you see what’s wrong with it? It took me a while too!

Basically, the woman in the poster has two right hands. If she was holding her left hand behind her back, her thumb would actually be on the other side.

How hard is it to get it right? Not very, clearly!

Not convinced? Putting your hands behind your back trying to figure it all out?

This user has uploaded a photo of themselves recreating the poster on Imgur:

The Babysitter, w normal hands

Not fussed by the artwork and interested in the movie? Here’s the synopsis for you:

The Babysitter follows Cole (Judah Lewis), who is madly in love with his babysitter Bee (Samara Weaving). She’s cool and awesome in all the ways Cole is not.

Like, totally.

It continues:

One evening while Bee is babysitting, Cole witnesses the unthinkable. Now he must survive a night full of first kisses, first broken hearts and first encounters with homicidal maniacs.

Fans have been on Twitter giving the film good reviews since its release last week.

One wrote:

If you haven’t seen #TheBabysitter on @Netflix yet then fire up your phone, tablet or DVR because that movie is MAGIC. Pure teen-slasher satire on a level only someone who’s snorted whippets/angels can reach.

The Babysitter‘s poster fail comes only a month after some serious uproar about the film poster and trailer for the new Tomb Raider film.

Why? Because apparently actress Alicia Vikander’s neck appeared to be the victim of some dodgy Photoshop work – it was weirdly elongated.

Last month, Twitter was rife with people mocking the poster, likening Vikander to a Jurassic Park velociraptor and other film characters with extended necks.

Some fans exaggerated the neck further, saying they’d ‘fixed’ it:

Other phenomenal poster ‘fails’ include the movie artwork for the 1983 James Bond film Octopussy, in which Roger Moore and Bond Girl Maud Adams were given some seriously long legs.

Julia Roberts’ head was superimposed on the frame of her body double on the poster for Pretty Woman.

What about the poster for The Accidental Husband?

Nope, me neither, here it is:


Look at those ridiculously-Photoshopped arms and why is Colin Firth’s forearm so short? Fail.

Other hand/arm Photoshop fail can be seen on the poster for Wanted.

Look at Angelina Jolie’s ridiculously long thumb, not to mention her arm comes from her face. It’s just weird.

Universal Pictures

The makers of The Heat got some stick for giving lead actress Melissa McCarthy a slimmer-looking face on the 2013 comedy’s UK version of the film poster.