Posters Saying ‘Beware The Muslims Are Coming’ Are Set To Hit New York Subways


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At first glance, you might think that posters warning ‘Muslims are coming’ were part of a seriously disgusting hate campaign.

However, once you read on a little further, you begin to see a different side to the posters, which are set to be placed on New York subways.

The posters are actually a pretty clever dig at individuals who accuse Muslims of some pretty horrific things, and are aiming to change perceptions of Islam.


The small print reads:

And they shall strike

With hugs so fierce

You’ll end up calling your gran

And telling her you love her.


The pictures were initially banned from the subway, but after Muslim group Vaguely Qualified Productions took the transport authority to court, it was ruled by judge Colleen McMahon that the posters were not predominantly political.

They will now be placed in the subway, with comedian Negin Farsad adding:

This has been a victory of reason and freedom of speech over ridiculousness.

MTA subway posters just got way more hilarious and 100% more Muslim.