Powerful Footage Shows Palestinian Girl, 10, Confronting Israeli Soldier

by : UNILAD on : 28 Oct 2015 19:54

A powerful video has emerged online which brings home the horrible reality of those living in the middle of the Israel/Palestine conflict.


The footage shows a young Palestinian girl angrily confronting an Israeli soldier and threatening to throw punches at him as, speaking in Arabic, she demands to know where the military have taken her brother.

The heavily armed Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier merely seems amused by the situation and casually walks away to a nearby tank, as the 10-year-old girl furiously swings strikes at him.

The clip was shared on Twitter by Australian journalist and author CJ Werleman, who has been a vocal opponent of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.


According to the Mirror Online, in response to the shocking video, pro-Israel organisation Stand With Us posted a clip on Facebook purportedly showing another side to the IDF.

Their video showed an Israeli soldier sharing food with a young Palestinian child, accompanied by the caption: “Those IDF soldiers are at it again…sharing their lunches with Palestinian children.” The video now appears to have been removed.

Tensions between Israel and Palestine continue to escalate. According to the BBC, more than 40 Palestines and 9 Israelis have died in the last month alone, as a result of violence between the territories.

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    'Where did you take my brother?' Powerful footage shows young Palestinian girl confronting Israeli soldier