Prank Exposes Gold Digger In Hilarious Fashion

Josh Paler Lin/YouTube

Never judge a book by its cover, especially as nowadays you don’t know if that book may have an arsenal of hidden cameras.

YouTuber Josh Paler Lin has emphasised just how misleading appearances can be in a video which shows how to expose gold diggers.

Approaching an unsuspecting woman while wearing a Hawaiian shirt, pyjama bottoms, and a wooly hat, Lin explains he is new to the area and asks for her number. She politely declines on the basis that she doesn’t know him.

Lin disappears and is replaced by a well dressed man who turns up suited and booted in a nice car, and he then engages the woman with far more positive results.

There is obviously a significant plot twist on the horizon:

That’s right, the well dressed chap is actually posing as Lin’s employee delivering his car.

A quick change of outfit in the street and suddenly the woman is very interested in Lin. Shock horror.

But he teaches her a lesson by speeding away in his Mercedes and leaving her for dust.

Karma’s a bitch.