Prankster Brilliantly Trolls Zoo With Made Up Animal Facts


Anyone who’s taken a trip to the zoo knows how awfully uninformative those little placards in front of the cages are. 

They’ve always got complete bullshit or out of date nonsense on them, like what type of leaves a crested baboon prefers to eat on Sunday afternoons or what type of rocks stone backed lizard prefer to live under.

Thankfully, a California based prankster better known as Obvious Plant, real name Jeff Wysaski, decided that the signs at his local LA zoo were rubbish and posted his own hilarious versions of the useless signs.

Check out his incredible work below…

When the rain starts to fall?

funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-8-5776744fca78e__700Jeff Wysaski

They’re fluent in gibbonese…

funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-7-5776744c094bd__700Jeff Wysaski

And Lincoln was a giraffe…

Play dead!

funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-2-5776743e588ec__700Jeff Wysaski

So cute!

funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-6-577674490c7b7__700Jeff Wysaski

Eventually they evolve into David Cameron…

funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-3-5776744118a88__700Jeff Wysaski

This is the best one…

funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-5-57767446233fe__700Jeff Wysaski

Never trust a meerkat…

funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-4-5776744320022__700Jeff Wysaski

Fuck Phillip…

funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-9-577674527364e__700Jeff Wysaski