Pranksters Show You How To Turn A Room Into A Swimming Pool


Not everyone has the disposable income to just build a pool in their home – but don’t worry, these lads have cracked how to make swimming indoors affordable for all.

As reported by the Daily Mirror, Vladimir Vechnyy and his mates turned the kitchen of their ground floor flat in Tver, Russia, into a pool with absolute ease.

With some glue, plastic sheets, beer, and cigarettes at the ready they set to work on the home improvement.

Check it out:

Vechnyy revealed that the work did take some time:

It took us more than four hours to make the pool, and another three to fill it with water.

I don’t think our neighbours had the slightest idea of what we were doing.

Probably not, no.

If you fancy a light spot of home renovation, here are the steps to follow:

Buy many, many plastic sheets and find a means of blocking the doorway.

Glue the sheets together and create a watertight seam.

Leave the tap running…this could take some time.

Have a beer and a fag, then send your unimpressed cat on a boat ride.

Pop open the floorboards and just drain all the water with a big knife into the space below.

What could possibly go wrong?