Pranksters Take Over Shopping Mall In Mario Kart Flash Mob


A group of online pranksters have gone viral this week after they brought Nintendo classic ‘Mario Kart’ to life inside a shopping mall.

Base 37 donned costumes of Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Princess Peach as they caused minor havoc inside a shopping centre in Shepherds Bush, London.

The rules of the stunt were relatively simple, as one racer explained to another, ‘Don’t hit anyone and don’t get caught.’

Check it out:

I need a go kart and a fake moustache pronto.

A member of Base37 told the Evening Standard:

You can’t go wrong with MarioKart. A lot people people were just looking in disbelief and some high fived us.

It was just a little bit of fun. A lot of people are saying the wish they could do it because they grew up with the game on Nintendo 64.

We didn’t have any real issue with security – they didn’t really have much time to react.

Security, meanwhile, tried to play it cool.

A spokesman told the Standard:

As the stunt was intended to be humorous, and the centre was open but the retail stores were not trading at the time with a small number of people on foot, the participants were permitted to continue.

Did anyone else notice Princess Peach’s shoes change halfway through though?

Kieron Curtis

Kieron Curtis

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