Preachers Argue For Private Jets And Their Reasons Are Pretty F*cked Up

by : UNILAD on : 04 Jan 2016 14:24

The lord almighty himself may have been a fan of living on the breadline, but apparently not all his followers in the modern day are too keen to make the same sort of sacrifices…


A couple of televangelists have said that they should fly private jets, because why not?

Kenneth Copeland and his fellow gospel preacher Jesse Duplantis made arguments for this motion in a YouTube clip and it’s fair to say their reasoning is just fucking weird.


Their first reason is- you can’t talk to God on a normal plane. Wait, I thought God was everywhere though? This is because people might get freaked out apparently, because Copeland gets up and shouts at the Messiah whilst travelling on private jets… riiight.


Second, God told them to use private jets. Well if the big man himself said it’s okay, than how dare we question them? Especially as his preacher mate Creflo Dollar – who failed to get donations for his own $65 million private jet – was on board at the time.

They also believe private jets are a ‘sanctuary’. I was going to say a luxury but yeah, okay then…

Speaking of living in luxury, they went on to claim that they are celebrities. I didn’t realised multi-millionaire preachers were celebrities now, I guess they would get harassed every time they got on a ‘normal plane’… or they wouldn’t, probably.

Oh and we’re demons, of course, so they don’t want to fly with us. Copeland can’t get into a ‘long tube’ with a bunch of demons. Duplantis added: “It works on your heart, it really does”.

But don’t worry they also have some more practical reasons. They need it for their ‘work’ and say that they would need to stop 90 per cent of it if they didn’t have to take them to all the destinations they need to get to.


Doesn’t seem they’re trying to take advantage of their position at all…

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