Pregnant Woman Catches Cheating Husband With Lover, Hits Him Where It Hurts


To say this pregnant woman was not best pleased when she allegedly spotted her husband enjoying lunch with another woman, would be something of an understatement.

A new video shows the moment she flew into a rage and hit this guy right where it hurts, smashing the absolute shit out of his car.

The YouTube footage – believed to be filmed near Brasilia, Brazil on Saturday – shows the unidentified woman smashing the windscreen, jumping up and down on the bonnet and then throwing a rock through the back window, just to make completely sure the vehicle was well and truly written off.

During her auto-mobile assault, she manages to set off the car alarm, all the while yelling abuse at her husband and his supposed mistress – neither of whom are seen in the video as they’re probably hiding for fear they may be instantly knocked out by the scorned wife.

Despite clearly sporting a baby bump, this woman seems unconcerned and, at one point, she actually rips the glass out of one of the car windows with her bare hands.

Terrifying. Quite frankly, this is one lady we never want to get on the wrong side of!