Premier League Star Accused Of Paying Off Transgender Model After Two-Year Fling


A married Premier League footballer has allegedly been involved in a two year fling with a transgender glamour model.

The Mirror report that the anonymous player saw the model in secret and supposedly told her he loved her, but after he dumped her things apparently turned ugly.

He reportedly accused his lover of extortion and harassment after she threatened to go public with their relationship.


The footballer’s now allegedly battling to silence the woman, offering her a £7,500 payment, asking her to sign a non-disclosure agreement and threatening to report her to the police if she exposes him.

The spurned woman claims however she really believed that he loved her, saying she never hid the fact she was transgender from him and doesn’t want his money.


It’s believed the player dumped her when he became concerned that his mates would ridicule him if they found out he was seeing a woman who was born as a man, thinking it would damage his credibility on the pitch.

The footballer’s attempts to silence his mistresses is the latest in a string of celerity injunctions which block the media reporting on cheating stars.