Presenter Angrily Confronts Man For Filming Her Bum While Live On TV

TV Presenter confronts man filming her bumCEN

An Argentinian TV presenter angrily confronted a man for filming her bum while she did a live broadcast. 

25-year-old Maria Sol Perez was reporting in front of a crowd for the TV programme Gente Opinando when another presenter, Pollo Alvarez, stopped the discussion to point out a man in the background who appeared to be filming the female presenter.

The man was stood in a cordoned-off area to the side of Maria, where he held his phone up seemingly to capture a video of her from behind.

However, the 25-year-old wasn’t going to stand for his actions, so approached the man to put him in his place.

Check out the video here, and the translation below:

Pollo made Maria aware of the man behind her, saying:

I did not like what he was doing. That’s why I stopped what Hernan Drago was saying.

At which point the presenter turned to approach the man with the camera. Confronting him, she said:

Sir, what are you recording?

The man admitted he was going to spread the video around, saying:

I am sending this to my workmates.

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Asking him to be more specific, Maria continued:

Okay, but what were you recording? Because I had my back turned. The guys there saw you recording things that were not okay to be recorded.

The man claimed he was trying to record the broadcast in general, and asked if he could move around to the front, saying:

Are you going to let me go there to record it?

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The presenter responded:

No, if you are recording general things from here okay, but you are recording my bottom, look.

Sticking to his story, the man laughed and said:

No, no, if you turn around I can record you. [I was recording] when you turned around and looked here.

Although we can’t say for certain exactly what the man was recording, his smirk as he held the phone and the fact he was going to ‘send it to his workmates’ suggest he wasn’t there simply to see the broadcast.

Maria’s reaction received mixed opinions from viewers, with some criticising the presenter due to the fact she often posts Instagram pictures wearing bikinis.

One critical viewer wrote (translated):

Why does she constantly promote her bottom if she does not want it photographed? Or is he expected to pay her for copyright?

While another commented:

They should learn that it is not necessary to be naked in order to succeed.

What these comments appear to forget is that it’s Maria’s choice to post whatever she wants on social media; that doesn’t give the man the right to record and spread videos of her body.

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