President Of Philippines Vows To Eat The Livers Of Captured ISIS Militants


President Duterte isn’t shy when it comes to controversy. 

After assuming office as President of the Philippines just last June, Duterte has called Barack Obama a ‘son of a whore’, confessed to throwing people out of helicopters, and waged one of the bloodiest wars on drugs in world history.

Whether you love or loathe this rogue politician is another matter, but just now – Duterte has threatened to eat the livers of captured so-called Islamic State militants if they are caught by his troops, according to CNN.


Just last week, one of the Philippine’s largest tourist areas, Bohol, was almost attacked in a bombing and kidnapping mission by three ISIS-affiliated groups.

Fortunately the attack was foiled and though many extremists have already been killed, Duterte has ordered his troops to kill fleeing jihadists and if any are caught alive, well…

Duterte warned:

If you want me to be an animal, I’m also used to that. We’re just the same. I can dish out, go down what you can 50 times over.

Just drive me to extreme anger, and I can eat a person. Give me salt and vinegar and I’ll eat his liver. You know, I am capable of eating a person. If you anger me, in truth, I will eat you alive. Raw.


Don’t fuck with Hannibal Duterte. Seriously.