President Trump Agrees To ‘Military Response’ To North Korea Nuclear Test

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President Donald Trump has responded to North Korea’s sixth, and biggest, nuclear test in a series of tweets promising military action.

The posts came after US and South Korean officials agreed to make a military response to the detonation of the bomb ‘as soon as possible’, reports the Daily Mail.

The 45th President of the United States hasn’t specified what sort of action he plans to take but his words will surely demand a response from the nuclear-armed nation:

We may look back on this and realise we’ve just witnessed World War Three being declared on Twitter.

In response to the massive nuclear test US General Joseph Dunford called upon his South Korean counterpart, General Jeong Kyeong-doo to promise support and co-operatation.

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Jeong’s office is reported to have said the generals have ‘agreed to discuss all military measures against the North’.

The commander of the U.S. Forces Korea and the allies’ Combined Forces Command, General Vincent K. Brooks, have agreed to take action ‘as soon as possible’.

These are interesting times to be alive.