Prey’s First Official Gameplay Trailer Is Pretty Damn Weird


Following a brief intro at E3 2016, Bethesda has now rolled out a shiny new gameplay trailer for Prey – the reboot of the cancelled sequel to the 2006 shooter (it’s all very confusing). 

Anyway, Prey is a game about killing monsters in space. Seems like pretty standard videogame stuff, but developer Arkane Studios (of Dishonored fame) is attempting to shake things up by adding in strange abilities and even stranger monsters.

Check it out just below.

Okay, so far the game isn’t looking that different from anything we’ve seen before if I’m being brutally honest, but the gorgeous art deco direction and moody space stations look like they’re gonna create a pretty immersive experience.

And really, what good is a game if the setting isn’t as memorable as the gameplay itself?

Prey will put us in the boots of a character called Morgan, in a 2032, who can be male or female, depending on your preference.

It would appear that Morgan is being subjected to some kind of experiments, which I imagine will form the bulk of the gameplay and narrative.

Billed as a psychological thriller set in a dangerous universe, Prey will be made up of one larger area in which you can revisit other areas and explore – sounds pretty Metroidesque to me, so I’m in.

Prey will be released in 2017, while the ghost of Prey 2 sits in the corner and cries quietly to itself.