Priceless Moment CM Punk Is Called Out By Idiot Looking For Fight


Some UFC fans have taken real exception to the fact that former WWE champion CM Punk will compete inside the Octagon but one guy took things a little bit too far when he actually challenged Punk to a fight.

CM Punk – real name Phil Brooks – was taking questions at an official UFC Q&A session in his hometown of Chicago on Friday when the incident occurred.

The fan, who calls himself Dylan, first tells Punk that he may remember him from Twitter, which a laughing Punk calls “the greatest Troy McClure that the Simpsons never ever used”.

The fan proceeds to challenge Punk to a fight and, never one to back down from an argument, Punk quickly and hilariously verbally shuts down the real-life troll.

And when the fan finally throws an all too predictable, “Are you a UFC fighter?” question at the former pro-wrestling superstar, Punk responds with a cutting, “I’m on the stage, bitch! Get the f*ck out!” All he was missing was the mic drop after that one.

To this guy’s credit, at least he said it to Punk’s face rather than hiding behind a computer screen but, yeah, get the f*ck out of here dude!