Priest Builds Lego Vatican Using Half A Million Bricks


How does one fill the time as a Catholic priest in-between services? With Lego obviously.

One American priest has painstakingly used his free time to build a Lego Vatican.

Bob Simon spent nearly ten months on his creation in honour of his Holy Mother Church, using an estimated half a million bricks in the process.

The model includes the Pope on the balcony overlooking St. Peters Square, a nun with a selfie stick, and a group of boy scouts. No comment.

So impressive is the creation that it is now on display at the Franklin Institute of Art, Philadelphia, as part of an exhibit documenting the history of the Vatican.

Fair play to Bob, I’ve still not completed the Lego Batmobile I received at the age of seven, so ten months and half a million bricks is a pretty decent effort.