Priest Sews Lips Together To Protest Rupert Murdoch Climate Change Ignorance

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 03 Aug 2021 11:19
Priest Sews Lips Together To Protest Rupert Murdoch Climate Change Ignorance@CClimateAction/Twitter

A 71-year-old priest from Oxfordshire has gone to extreme lengths to protest Rupert Murdoch.

Reverend Tim Hewes sewed his lips together as part of the protest outside the offices of global media company, News Corp, owned by Murdoch.


The 71-year-old was photographed with a sign outside the London building which read: ‘Murdoch – the most destructive man in the history of the planet?’

However, this isn’t the first time the Reverend has travelled to London to take drastic action in protest of climate change.

Hewes was previously jailed for 14 days in March after he glued himself to furniture inside the City of London Magistrates’ Court.


The priest released a statement via the Christian arm of Extinction Rebellion, Christian Climate Action, saying: ‘I have sewn up my lips to demonstrate the terrible havoc Rupert Murdoch’s actions have reaped upon the world and to make this visible.

‘Climate science and truth has been muted, those who suffer are not being heard.’

Christian Climate Action tweeted that News Corp had refused to engage in dialogue about the protest, instead ‘preventing people approaching Rev Tim Hewes outside their front entrance and directing them to their side entrance’.


Twitter users took to the comments to express their thoughts on the act. One said: ‘Compassionate dedication in the face of greed, denial and indifference. This courageous soul is setting a benchmark for Christians everywhere.’

Another commented: 

Interesting that he chooses a easy target like Murdoch that will be ignored rather than he boss the ex-Oil man bishop Welby, no chance of the murdoch press reporting this, however had he picked his boss he’d have got far more coverage.

A third said: ‘I think it is great to see a Christian organisation accepting that climate change is real. Many born again Christians I know are either science deniers or are welcoming the state of the world is in thinking of it as a sign of the 2nd coming.’


The reverend removed his stitches and ended his protest outside the News Corp building after two hours.

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    Oxfordshire vicar sews lips shut in protest against Rupert Murdoch