This Primary School Lad Repairs Sniper Rifles For Soldiers Fighting ISIS


Barcroft TV
At the age of 12, most lads get a paper round. But this Kurdish youngster puts everyone to shame by volunteering with the family business to fix weapons for use in the battle against ISIS in northern Iraq.

The boy, known only as Omer, repairs firearms for his father’s business ready for use on the frontline..

The youngster, who is in Year 6 of primary school, sometimes works alongside his dad for 24 hours, day and night, and can help to repair anything from heavy machine guns to sniper rifles.

Barcroft TV
Speaking to Barcroft TV, Omer said:

I work with my father daily, I help him. We repair DShKs (heavy machine guns). Daesh (Islamic State) came here, I want to help the Peshmerga. I do not want Daesh to control Kurdistan.

This really puts everything into perspective!