MC Devvo Sacked As Primary School Teacher After Parents Found Out His Identity

MC DevvoThe Real Devvo/Twitter/Darren Devonshire/YouTube

A primary school teacher has been sacked after being outed as the foul-mouthed YouTube rapper MC Devvo. 

Christian Webb’s videos initially went viral in the early 2000s and showed him rapping in an extremely thick Doncaster accent about beating girlfriends, taking drugs and having sex with young girls.

Some of his lyrics included ‘have a can of Kestrel and I’ll kick me’ girlfriend’s head in’ and ‘f*ck ’em while they’re young’.

Teacher sacked after outed as MC DevvoDarren Devonshire/YouTube

MC Devvo released an album named From Yorkshire To New York in 2007 and went on to tour around the country before reportedly announcing his retirement last year.

However, his alter-ego was discovered a few months ago by bosses at King Edwards Primary in Doncaster, where Webb had been working for four years.

He lost his job in December but the details surrounding his dismissal have only just emerged.

MC DevvoDarren Devonshire/YouTube

According to The Sun, one parent said the teacher was well-liked at the school however his videos made him an inappropriate person for the job.

They commented:

Everyone said he was brilliant but you wouldn’t want Ali G as your kid’s teacher.

Another parent said:

Kids don’t realise it’s meant to be a joke.

MC Devvo Darren Doncaster/YouTube

Some of the rapper’s fans have taken to social media to express their surprise after finding out his real profession.

One wrote:

No f**king way hahah imagine MC Devvo as your primary school teacher fml what a geeza

Another argued the teacher should not have been fired, writing:

Can’t understand why a dedicated teacher has been sacked for something he said in 2005! It was a fictional character and 14 years ago. Utterly ridiculous

The teacher wrote the songs with British comic David Firth, known for animated web series Salad Fingers – a creation which got another teacher suspended recently after they showed it to their students.

In an interview with Vice last year, Webb explained how MC Devvo began:

Well we were in Doncaster and also spent a lot of time in Hull, which is just a mishmash of weird f*cking folk. So I started making videos for my mate David about those people, for a laugh.

We would be blazing away, smoking joints and be like, ‘come on I’ve got to put one of these videos on the internet.’ People watched it and wanted us to come film another one.

So I’d be like ‘Yeah alright’. I only had the intention to make David laugh, really.

Webb told The Sun losing his job was ‘not something [he wanted] to discuss’.

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