Prince George Has Only One Thing On His Christmas List This Year


Children across the world have been writing their letters to Santa and it’s no different in the royal households.

Prince George has been busy writing his letter to the magical man telling him how he’s been good all year and what he’d like for Christmas.

You’d think the four-year-old prince has everything he could possibly want and more, but he’s made a list just like the rest of us.


On a two-day trip to Finland, his father Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, met Santa Claus himself to hand over the handwritten note.

According to the Metro, William told Santa, as he pulled the note out of his suit jacket pocket:

I’ve seen you and I had to give you this letter. He hasn’t written down many requests, so I think one request is probably ok?

He’s been a nice boy, a nice boy.

The young prince decided not to be greedy, writing he only wanted one thing for Christmas – a police car.

Even though the royals have access to pretty much everything, I doubt they could give their four-year-old an actual police car, but I’m sure a lovely toy one will be under the tree for George.

Father Christmas himself nodded to William as he read the note and so, if Santa himself says yes to the present idea, then it’s of course going to happen.

However, the prince may not have anyone to show his new toy off to, seeing as the posh school he attends actively discourages the idea of ‘best friends’.

The £17,000 a year South West London prep school, Thomas’s Battersea, takes a rather different approach in their attempt to make sure every child feel included.


Loose Women host Jane Moore, recently gave her insight into the school’s ethos, having had friends who educated their children there.

She stated:

There’s a policy that if your child is having a party – unless every child is invited – you don’t give out the invites in class, which I think is quite a good thing as you don’t feel excluded?

There are signs everywhere saying ‘be kind’ – that’s the ethos of the school.

They don’t encourage you to have best friends.

You can watch the Loose Women discussion below:

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Although this policy does seem rather unusual, it hopefully ensures no child will feel left out and Prince George, along with the other children at his school, will have plenty of friends.

I’m sure a toy police car will be making an appearance in class at some point! Show and tell perhaps?