Prince George’s Schoolbag Reveals Different Name He’ll Be Called In Class


Prince George has officially started school at the age of 4. 

The eldest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton turned up hand-in-hand with his dad to Thomas’s Battersea private school looking nervous and hesitant, and who can blame him? School is fucking shite.

Judging by the insulting £17,600 a year fee, though, Thomas’s might prove otherwise.

Mum Kate was notably absent from his son’s first day at school due to the acute morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, that she also suffered while pregnant with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

It has so far forced her to cancel Royal duties this week.


The Duke of Cambridge and second in line to the iron throne and his son were greeted by Head of the Lower School, Helen Haslem, in the playground.

Anyway, let’s get to the important bit. What the fuck is Prince George’s name?

Is he gonna be called Prince? Princey? Georgey boy? G? Future King Knee-High Sock Boy?


According to his schoolbag, he’ll be referred to as George Cambridge, because as we all know, royals choose to have about 9 middle names instead of having one joint surname.

Rugby fan Wills is probably still rolling around in the lolz spilt the other day by that joke that came out about him taking paternity for the football World Cup when Kate’s due again.

Good luck to the lad. Long live the King.