Prince Harry Is Helping Fight The War Against Ivory Poachers

by : UNILAD on : 12 Jul 2015 09:54

Prince William might be busy with the newest addition to the royal family, Princess Charlotte, but younger brother Harry is keeping himself occupied too.


Harry is fighting against the illegal sale of ivory – and is right on the front line as a team fight to protect black rhinos in Namibia’s national park.

The prince, who of course did two tours of Afghanistan, flies in a helicopter above the part and locates rhinos to remove part of their horns to deter poachers.


This is done by firstly tranquilising the animal, and then using a chainsaw to take part of the horn, leaving the vital tissue untouched, meaning the rhino will be safe from poachers who are unwilling to hunt them if a part of the horn is missing.


The horn grows back, much like a fingernail, and is the latest way people are trying to protect the animals, along with putting dye in their horns.

One conservationist spoke about the royal’s work and claimed he had arrived at a time when there was a huge problem, and is ‘doing his bit.’

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