Prince Harry’s Mates Take The P*ss After He Made One Big Change For Meghan Markle


Prince Harry’s close circle of friends have been giving him stick for his new found hobby of waxing his chest…

We all do crazy things for love – some of us get new haircuts (or grow man-buns), some of us will start listening to their new found love’s god-awful music and some of us might get ill-advised tattoos at 1am while out on the lash in Thailand.

In Prince Harry’s case he’s been waxing his ‘hairy bird’s nest (chest)’ for his girlfriend Meghan Markle – and naturally his mates are calling him out for it.

The couple were in attendance for his best friend’s wedding in in Montego Bay, Jamaica, where Harry was an Usher. It was there that his mates noticed that his chest was looking particularly smooth.

Speaking to The Sun, one of his hilarious pals said:

Harry has been seen as a ‘man’s man’ all his adult life, so this has come as a shock to friends. They all think his new grooming methods are down to his desire to look his shiny best for Meghan.

His chest is now like something you’d see from guys in Baywatch – but without the tan.

Apparently it’s the first time Harry has taken U.S actress Meghan to a social event, and according to onlokers they looked ‘totally in love’.

Isn’t that sweet considering all the ridiculous controversy regarding her background and the fact that she didn’t come from ‘blue blod’. Pathetic really.