Prince Harry’s Name Isn’t Harry And It’s Freaking People Out

by : Julia Banim on : 08 Feb 2018 12:15

As the most likeable member of the Royal Family – sorry Wills – Harry’s name always had a bit a cheeky ring to it which suited the party-loving Prince well.


However, it seems we have all been living a lie. The fifth-in-line’s full title is in fact Prince Henry of Wales.

If you include all his names then he is actually Prince Henry Charles Albert David, which is a real rich mouthful of pheasant mousse.

Harry is actually just a fond nickname given to the 33-year-old by his family, and has also been adopted by the rest of the world.


Harry would have to partake in some Game of Thrones esque plotting to get his seat on the throne, especially once Kate’s latest offering of cuteness arrives to knock him down to sixth-in-line.

However, should he choose to swoop into Buckingham Palace on a dragon and incinerate his competition/family he could well be known as King Henry IX. Basically, the first King Henry since the notoriously chopping-block-happy Henry VIII…

But don’t worry too much Meghan. Harry seems much more at home roasting up a chicken than tyrannising his quaking courtiers.

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Eagle eyed royalists may have noticed how Prince Harry‘s formal name is used during official announcements.

Consider, for instance, the following regal announcement, entitled ‘Prince Henry of Wales & Meghan Markle are engaged to be married.’


As the Prince takes centre stage for his upcoming nuptials, people are blown away by the biggest personal reveal of all: his name.


One adamant person declared, ‘nahhhh prince harry’s real name is not henry im not having that.’

Another surprised individual announced, ‘Well, you learn something new everyday! Prince Harry’s real name is actually Prince Henry!’

The confusion is very real…

Harry, who even are you?

I feel like we just don’t know this slick, mysterious Prince Henry of Wales, and what will be said during his and Meghan’s vows?

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