Prince Philip To Stand Down From Public Engagements


After a frenzied few hours the Royal rumour mill can finally take a break.

In a statement released by Buckingham Palace it has been confirmed Prince Philip is going to step down from his royal duties.

Here is the official statement:

Her Maj will continue however, so despite the bookies suspending betting, Charles needn’t get too excited regarding the prospect of his mother’s abdication.

Following reports of an emergency meeting at the Palace, social media became flooded with unfounded rumours regarding the health of 95-year-old Phil.

The early hours report was followed with assurances that all was well, but a statement would follow.

This led people to believe it could be a joyous announcement – a Royal wedding perhaps…

Prince Harry would have been the obvious candidate for a potential engagement annnouncement with Meghan Markle. Sadly the bunting has to go back in the loft, the china in the cupboard, and any thoughts of a public holiday have been quashed for now.

Say what you like about the royals, but they’re always good for a random day off work.