Prince William Has Completely Shaved His Head And No One Can Cope


Prince William has finally accepted his status as a balding man and shaved his head.

It was no secret hows the Duke of Cambridge was struggling to hold onto his final wisps of hair and now, he’s shaved those down to what looks like a 0.5.

Photos of the Prince’s new do have surfaced on Twitter, sending the public into panic:

For many years, as the top of Will’s head has become more and more exposed to the wind, everyone has asked why he doesn’t just shave it all off.

Now, he’s committed to a short back and sides…and top.

Some people have said his new look resembles Prince Edward:

Christine makes the classic point: ‘It’s rare not to lose hair as we age’:

Others are calling for him to shave even more off:

It’s good to see him embracing what he’s got, after all, it turns out being bald is actually good for your health.

While losing your hair prematurely as a man may be the worst thing ever, there are, as it happens, many benefits to living the #BaldLife.

According to Babamail, they report how a study found men who began the balding process at a young age had a 45 per cent less chance of getting prostate cancer compared to lads with a full head of hair.

How? According to the research, long-term exposure to large quantities of testosterone – a cause for male baldness – can slow the development of tumours.

The same study also cited how baldness makes you; more masculine, look better in hats, have a better metabolism and be wealthier.


It’s not like the Prince needs to be more wealthier though.

We support you Will, through thick and thin.