Prince William Takes Full Time Job, Donates Wages To Charity


Say what you like about the royals, but Prince William has taken a full time job as an Air Ambulance pilot and will donate his earnings to charity.

Many who criticise the royals say that they aren’t special, and should get a job like the rest of the country has to. It’s a fair point, and one that Prince William has taken quite personally.


The heir to the throne will be working with the East Anglian Air Ambulance service, putting his time in the RAF flying search-and-rescue helicopter missions to good use. William has vowed to work four days on, four days off in a shift pattern that will allow him time to attend to his other duties, as well as see his family. Speaking to a news crew, Prince William stated that:

I feel doing a job like this really helps me to be grounded and that’s the core of what I’m trying to become. I’m trying to be a good guy, to do what I can and trying to be a decent individual.

With a yearly wage of around £30,155, the prince will donate the entire sum to an as yet undisclosed charity. No news sadly on whether Prince Harry will be working in an off license just yet, but we’ll keep you posted.