Prince William’s Incredible AC/DC Revelation Has People Royally Thunderstruck

by : Shola Lee on : 05 Dec 2021 13:01
Prince William's Incredible AC/DC Revelation Has People Royally ThunderstruckAlamy

Prince William’s latest AC/DC confession is really very unexpected.

In an interview for the Time To Walk podcast, the Prince revealed his listening habits, and his confessions might take you by surprise.


He may be the future King of England, but he’s just like us when it comes to good music and starting the week right. We’re on a highway to Buckingham Palace, apparently.

Prince Charles (Alamy)Alamy

The Duke of Cambridge has revealed that he listens to the rock band AC/DC when he feels a ‘bit bleary-eyed after the weekend’. We’ve all been there.

He told the interviewer:


There’s nothing better than, on a Monday morning, when you’re a bit bleary-eyed after the weekend and trying to get yourself back into the grind of the week, listening to AC/DC – Thunderstruck. It absolutely wakes you up, puts your week in the best mood possible, and you feel like you can take on anything and anyone.

Well, it’s safe to say this revelation has us Thunderstruck. The royal continued to explain his choice.

He said:

I’d imagine you’re going to walk quite fast listening to it, maybe with a skip in your step, with the head-banging. It’s a difficult song not to dance to or to nod along to.

Prince William and The Crown Prince Of JordanKensington Palace/Instagram

We’re hoping the Prince pulls a Hugh Grant from Love Actually and proceeds to dance around some very official-looking rooms.

Still, this isn’t where the music revelations ended, as the Prince revealed he’s also fond of Simply the Best by Tina Turner, because it reminds him of ‘a real family moment’ driving with his mum, Diana, and Prince Harry.

We’re adding both to our morning playlist now.


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