Prince’s Birthday Honoured With Star-Studded Karaoke Tribute


Yesterday marked what would have been Prince’s 58th birthday, and celebrities are celebrating in a special way – by performing his best-loved hits.

In honour of the music legend and sex icon, A-listers like Kit Harington, Chris Evans (not that one – the other one), Cindy Crawford and Elle Fanning teamed up with W Magazine to sing their favourite lyrics from their favourite Prince songs.

While most celebrities kick off the video with dramatic readings of classic Prince hits like ‘Little Red Corvette’, ‘Kiss’ and ‘Diamonds and Pearls’, others – Chris Evans and Elle Fanning especially – chose to go all out with the vocals.


Prince, who enjoyed a four-decade long music career, died due to a reported opioid overdose before being found at his Paisley Park estate, Minnesota on April 21.

The ‘Purple Rain’ singer has since had thousands of tributes – from both fans and celebrities – pour in from across the globe following his death.

And the Internet has made no exception for his birthday:

As one of the most influential musicians in history, we’re sure he’d be happy to know his birthday – and career – is being honoured through song.