Princess Diana’s Head Bodyguard Says He Believes She Was Murdered


One of Princess Diana’s former bodyguards who was working at her hotel the night she died, suspects that she was murdered after a ‘ludicrous’ security breach.

Former Saudi Secret Service Alan McGregor, 68, claims that a bellboy drove the princess’ car before it crashed and that the vehicle was left unattended at the unsecured back entrance.

Alan who was tasked with helping protect the royals in the months before Diana’a death on August 31, 1997 said he was unsurprising when he heard the princess had died.


He told The Sun:

The night she died my wife woke up to tell me the news. My first response was ‘I’m not surprised’.

I’d seen so many breaches in her security at that hotel and strange goings-on it was bound to happen sooner or later. The security that night was ludicrous.

Alan believes that a supposed plot to kill Diana could have been ‘six months in the making’, adding that security staff were worried about a car crash.


He also claims there’s ‘no way’ that Henri Paul, an unqualified driver, should have been allowed to drive Diana that night.

The initial investigation into the accident found it was caused when Mr Paul drunkenly lost of control of the car.


But Alan claims Paul ‘wasn’t a drinker at all’ adding that what happened that night ‘doesn’t add up’.

An inquest attributed the accident to negligent driving by Mr Paul and to the pursuing paparazzi.