Prison Break Is Set To Be Rebooted With 10 Episode Run


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Fans of Prison Break are licking their lips with excitement as rumours of a reboot for the series seem to be gathering pace, with the series set to return for a ten episode run, after going off screens back in 2009.

Creator Paul Scheuring, along with stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell are all thought to involved in the reboot, with fellow cast members such as Robert Kneeper set to light up the small screen once again.

It comes on the back of the rise and rise of Netflix, and the news that Prison Break is one of the most watched series on there, and several of the stars have spoken about the possibility of a reboot, and expressed an interest in the prospect.

While we cannot wait for the reboot, the question of just how they are planning on bringing back Michael Scofield remains to be seen, but Sarah Wayne Callies, who played Scofield’s wife, claimed that there was a very credible idea in the pipeline.

Quite if that is real life standards of credible or Prison Break standards of credible is as of yet unanswered.