Prison Officer Fired For Trying To Hook Up With Inmates Girlfriends

The Mirror

Newlywed bodybuilder and dad-to-be Cameron MacKie was sacked after he collected personal contact details of ‘pretty blondes’ whilst working on visitor reception at HMP Grampian and sent them a number of sleazy messages over Facebook.

Cameron was finally reprimanded and suspended after Vicky Irvine, 21 – who was visiting her partner Liam Donald, 22 – handed over a torrent of messages and photos he sent to her over the social media site. A close friend of the young couple said she was aware that a prison guard had been pestering Vicky and the ‘creep’ targeted other young partners.

Scottish Daily Record

The warden came under fire from fellow wardens and inmates alike, causing a ‘major stink’ between everyone at the prison. His workmates were ‘raging’ once they found out and were happy once he was sacked last week by bosses, after they found out there were multiple victims.

The Mirror

Cameron retains his innocence, claiming he had done nothing wrong and had simply made a mistake- a pretty big ‘mistake’ to make if you ask me!