Prisoner Gives Tour Of His ‘Luxury’ Cell While Smoking Spliff

Live Leak

From watching TV and movies, prison seems like a thoroughly unpleasant place. The kind of place you’d never want to visit, which is surely the point.

However, a new video posted on LiveLeak appears to give a very different verdict on the situation.

This particular prisoner appears to be having a whale of a time while he’s locked up and the video shows the not-so-shy guy giving us a grand tour of his impressive jail cell.

As well as the phone he’s filming the video on, he has a room packed with gadgets including a TV and Playstation, not to mention cupboards fully stocked with food and a jam packed wardrobe.

The cell is also an en-suite and he has a lovely view of the prison yard’s football pitch. Must be nice!

And this guy isn’t afraid of the spotlight either, turning the camera round to give us a good view of him cheerily lighting up a joint.

His cellmate is less keen to be on video, however, and can be seen hiding under a sheet as the camera pans around the room.

The video is believed to have been filmed inside a prison in the Netherlands and, once the guards get wind of this video going viral, we’re not sure this inmate will be chilling out in such a nice cell for much longer.