Prisoners ‘Put Reward On Whoever Kills Inmate’ After Finding Out What He’s In For

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Merseyside Police

Prisoners have put a ‘reward on whoever kills’ inmate Craig Smith after they found out what he was in prison for.


According to The Liverpool Echo, Craig Smith is being terrorised by his fellow inmates who have put a price on his head and stolen his belongings.

Smith, 28, was an unemployed former bar manager who was convicted last week and jailed for life with a minimum prison term of 17 years.

Merseyside Police

Smith was convicted of murdering his two-year-old stepson Teddy Tilston in Birkenhead.


Teddy’s mum, Ashleigh Willett, was convicted of child cruelty towards Teddy and his sister Cassidy for ‘failing to secure medical assistance’.

Other prisoners have said to have been targeting Smith during his time on remand at HMP Liverpool as his trial unfolded.


A price has been put on the murderer’s head and his belongings are said to have been stolen from his cell, according to reports from The Liverpool Echo.

The Echo approached the Ministry of Justice for a comment on the claims, who said they ‘do not comment on individuals’.

Smith made headlines this year for the murder of Teddy Tilston after he called the emergency services claiming Teddy had ‘swallowed water’ while in the bath.

Merseyside Police

However, it became clear during the trial Teddy didn’t drown, and was reportedly already dead when the emergency services arrived at the house.


Medical examinations on Teddy showed 42 injuries as well as a bleed on the brain which had been sustained a week previously.

However, the injury which was determined to be the cause of death was found to be a massive tear in tissue in the intestines.


The only way such an injury could have befallen young Teddy was through a ‘forceful’ blow to the stomach, like a kick or a punch.

Teddy’s twin sister Cassidy also displayed evidence of physical abuse, who has been removed into care – her teeth have all allegedly had to be removed since going into care.

Cassidy was found with a number of bruises and a fractured wrist which could have been between one and six months old.


Smith has reportedly struggled with anger all his life, and has allegedly admitted to stabbing his mum in the face and tying up cats.

He also admitted to spending over one hundred pounds a week on cannabis, and tested positive for the drug when he was arrested back in March.

Teddy’s mother Ashleigh Willett claimed she was unaware of the abuse, but medical experts said the suspicious injuries were days old.


Time in prison can be particularly brutal for inmates who are in for violent crimes, and Smith isn’t the only criminal on the receiving end of prison violence.

23-year-old Carolann Gallon was jailed for six years and initially, was held at Low Newton women’s prison in Durham.

Her family revealed she’s now been moved almost 150 miles away, to HMP Styal, in Cheshire, but the problems have continued with Gallon being assaulted on Sunday.


Her father, Jimmy Gallon, told the Chronicle Live:

People have found out what she’s in for and she’s getting grief. She got moved from one place to another because she was getting picked on, then she rang me saying she had been assaulted by someone in there.

She cries every time I speak to her. It’s awful for me because I feel so helpless. She’s my daughter and I just feel like there’s nothing I can do for her.

I really miss her but my hands are tied. It’s just heartbreaking for me.

Carolann was jailed after a judge heard how she provided vulnerable girls as young as 13 to a network of sex predators in Newcastle’s West End.

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She was the only female locked up as part of the Operation Shelter grooming gang probe.

Gallon was one of 18 people convicted as part of Northumbria Police’s Operation Shelter, which probed the exploitation of vulnerable young women and girls in the area.

Ashleigh Willet has been bailed and will be sentenced next month.

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