Professors Attempt To Guess Millennial Slang, Results Are Incredible


We’ve seen what happens when Americans try and guess British slang, but what about when professors try and make sense of millennial words and phrases?

Yeah, it’s also hilarious, to be honest.

In an entertaining new video, millennial slang was put to professors at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, U.S., and although they were smart enough to get their doctorates, some of them haven’t done their research and learned the new phrases the kids are using nowadays.

To be fair, they didn’t do too bad with the likes of “FOMO” and “slay”, but when “on fleek” raised its ugly head, the educators became suitably confused.

One guy actually thought the Kardashian-loved term might refer to a new social media site, despite the fact that his job is teaching people about social networks!

Perhaps our favourite moment is the guy who is disgusted by the fact that he actually knows what the term “bae” means. So are we, mate. So are we…